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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Royal Oak's 2 Unique Caterers does it all

I was looking for a top notch caterer, while planning a “major” birthday party for my wife.  Being a foodie, writing food blog posts and restaurant reviews, the pressure was on to find a caterer that would live up to the expectations of our guests. 

I had toyed with a couple ideas. Seafood—a big lobster and clam bake?  Or maybe just make several paellas myself?  No way-- too labor intensive.  Chicken Shack?  Super tasty, but not quite right for this special evening.

Asking around, a friend pointed me in the direction of 2 Unique Caterers in Royal Oak.  The name sounded familiar, and I realized that I’ve had their food at Arts, Beats & Eats, and the prelude fundraiser, Arts du Jour. I gave them a call.

On the phone, Kate (PR Ninja) was super friendly and helpful. I told her what I had in mind, number of people, etc., and she emailed me a bunch of menus with several options. After some consideration, I gave her the basics of what I wanted, and she adjusted quantities based on number of guests. Here’s what we had:

We started with a baked artichoke dip. Served warm, it was rich and creamy, which played well against that certain “tang” you get from the artichoke. The dip came with assorted crackers and flatbreads.

Next up, some forest mushroom tarts—again, rich and delicious individual phyllo dough filled tartlets of mushroom ragout. My wife, the mushroom queen, sort of swooned at first bite.

The chicken satay skewers were great. Cooked perfectly, they came with a peanut satay sauce. Next up, my wife loves coconut shrimp. These didn’t disappoint. Sizeable cleaned/deveined whole shrimps, dusted with a tasty crunchy coconut and breadcrumb coating, and some tangerine sauce for dipping.  Heating instructions were provided for all of the above.

Finally, our guests enjoyed a platter of beef tenderloin. Roasted to a perfect medium rare and hand sliced, the beef was seasoned well, practically tender as butter, and served with balsamic grilled onions and roasted peppers, and some mustard caper and horseradish sauces. On the side were a variety of artisan rolls for making sliders. Several comments on the flavor, perfect doneness, and tenderness.

In all, I’ve got to highly recommend 2 Unique. We ordered for 20 people, 23 came, and we had a bunch of leftovers. Everyone was happy with the food, and the customer service was outstanding. 

Kelli L. Lewton is owner and chef for 2 Unique Caterers & Event Planners, and purefood2u. Chef Kelli’s passion for fresh food and personal service led her to create 2 Unique in 1991, and purefood2u organic meal delivery in 2008. Chef Kelli began her culinary career at Schoolcraft College of Culinary Arts, where she worked in a number of fine dining establishments before launching 2 Unique.

You can find 2 Unique online, on Facebook, Twitter, or the old fashioned way at 248.549.5242.

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