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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crispelli's in Berkley offers fresh, fun Italian options

We stopped in at Crispelli’s in Berkley recently, seeking a casual dinner without a lot of fuss, and without going broke. I think we achieved all three, although the whole process of ordering your food takes a minute to get used to.

If you haven’t been to Crispelli’s yet, here’s what you need to know—

The food is good. My wife and I split a large white pizza (listed on the menu as simply “Prosciutto”) topped with aged prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and arugula. There were four slices left to take home, so we could have ordered a small, along with our entrĂ©e size Caesar. The salad was crisp and the dressing homemade—and plenty for the two of us. The pizza was delicious, with that nice slightly charred crust, as a result of the 700 degree brick oven. The crust was thin, but not paper thin or crunchy. The mozzarella and prosciutto were top notch.

Kids ordered turkey sandwiches. Real roasted turkey, with arugula, mayo and cheddar, on house baked rustic Italian bread. On the side was a large helping of “crispelli chips” –house made thick sliced potato chips, nicely salted and simply irresistible. The menu also offers Panini sandwiches and daily soups.

Drinks—there’s three or four beers on tap including at least two Michigan craft beers. Wines by the glass and homemade Sangria round out adult beverage choices. Italian sodas and regular old fountain coke/sprite, etc, are available. Wine is also sold retail here, and if you’d prefer, you can pick up a bottle at a decent retail price to have with your meal. A small corking fee will be added.

Now about the food ordering confusion that some people gripe about. It’s not that tricky. It’s “market style”, which people in other big cities have been enjoying for years.  Simply place your order at separate stations for pizza, salads, bakery, sandwiches, desserts, drinks. I left my credit card at the beer/wine station—ordering beers while waiting for our table. We ran a tab for the rest of the food, just as you’d do if sitting at a bar. After enjoying a great meal, I cashed out. No brainer.

Crispelli’s is an attractive, casual spot that’s family friendly and a good value. Find them at 28939 Woodward, Berkley, and on Facebook.   

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